Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day Twenty-Eight - #WoPoWriMo - The Distant Kiss Goodnight

I send you now
a kiss goodnight,
to stop your world from turning,
to cast out the demons
and the burning moments
of cold and blinding light,
that shine all across day’s toils
and sharpen the points of night…
like a fox, I creep
through silent snow
in spirit to deliver
a soft, golden glow of comfort and touch
your soul with grace,
fan my wings
like bellows
at your fireplace, and wrap you
in darkness
to forget every chore, as the
ice-moon rises
you have dreams
to explore; lay down now,
close the blinds,
shut the door,
I send you serenity, the stars, more…
…and all this only
in a will,
and a wish…
all this only
in a distant kiss
Seemed fitting for the final day... Goodnight - #WoPoWriMo is complete! :) 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day Twenty-Seven - #WoPoWriMo - Perfect

Who am I to deny now
a magic place you assured me
if I allowed myself blindness
and utterly resisted the urge to reason
So I can't draw you from memory - 
in tracing your body remembers me;
every inch; like my own back yard,
what makes you suck your breath
in hard and brings down the darkness 
of devotion
long after the lights go out.
I know what makes you scream
and roar at me,
constrict my breath, and thrash
and beat 
at the metaphorical core of me,
then call on me and beg me
hold you still.
And I know
how we come to forget
with breath in our hair,
on the backs of our necks,
and how we regret - 
and it is enough
to call this

Day Twenty-Six - #WoPoWriMo - Keep The Cork

They drag me
kicking and screaming
down country lanes,
beside rivers,
to their pumpkin patch.
They lie down on blankets
and drill my head
whilst striking their matches
and lighting their candles
and calling one another to bed,
their hands around my neck.
I squeak and squeal with
the pleasure of breathing,
the pain of release,
as they soothe the pressure of my cage
and draw me forth, an ancient cleric,
de-robed and resurrected,
to celebrate their passion.
And they fashion new roles, new purposes
for me, where before I would have rested.
Now I am invested in kitchen displays,
or stashed away
in a memory box, to be taken out some day
and gazed upon
by passive children.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Day Twenty-Five - #WoPoWriMo - Nothing


Drag me down,
where the light fades,
and hide me away; bring me nothing,
but a simpler day, as the smoke-screen
unfolds, and curls up
in display, show me dreams as
they dance
with the clouds.
Pass me
a sunbeam on which to ride,
and wrap me in silk
as you lay
by my side, whisper
and murmur,
stroke your voice
on my skin, put down the bright daylight
and welcome night in,
to this,
our sanctum
of elegant grace; keep the world,
I need nothing
but this
sacred space.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day Twenty-Four - #WoPoWriMo - Religion


Bring me something like worship,
…I heard it’s Sunday today;
bring me reverence,
abject honour,
in all that you say, 
and do, 
now strip me down
to bare bones,
to be kissed
and caressed 
in ever-dulcet tones of prayer,
where we admire
every inch,
unwrap all my robes, take a candle
and singe my soul 
at an altar of truth; confess, 
and on my knees
I shall worship you, in return,
more beautiful than the light,
pouring oil, or something like it, to
gracefully anoint; 
turn true passions
on; and you and I
have religion, made 
all our own.

Day Twenty-Three - #WoPoWriMo - Ask No Questions


Ask no questions: and you see only lies,
take a pencil,
write the truth,
like diamonds on the sky, sign it
on the clouds as they roll,
and sigh, with the thunder of too-loud
thoughts. A seed of doubt, can rarely be
caught and planted
as a dandelion clock, its pretty head
until the ticking stops
with an answer,
and virtues explained. Too many
quick mistakes
or decisions were made,
too hasty, on all wrong ends of sticks,
too much
half-seen, under pale moonlight;
vexed foundations
of absent bricks. Tread tender in
assumption, walk light in rage,
for every unfinished story has
a missing page, on which heated fire
is born. Turn each, and every leaf 
with care;
be sure
you have seen them all.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day Twenty-Two - #WoPoWriMo - I Came Home To Roses


Today I came home
to roses; the sort,
that mended everything, stood glittering
from the table top, as sunlight
on first days
of spring. They were red,
every one,
whispering their promises with silvered
tongues, changing
and bending a delicate one,
who felt as green
as their leaves.
With blooms soft and tender
as lovers speak, somehow I find,
your roses 
leave me weaker than a morning
sky… “Red,
red for love,” you tell me,
-       and I forgive –
“and green, like the colour
of your eyes.”    


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day Twenty-One #WoPoWriMo - Time and Tide


Like a windmill, time turns,
with the sky on his  back, a million
steps to tread
off a long-beaten
track, walking back and forth
as a moon comes to pass, calling
to all of the day.

He tells me of
sparkling nights again,
in the ‘forever’,
that is held in a palm,
and I have no desire to ever go home,
to the places
I feel less warm. Tonight, I stand,
indefinitely torn,
by want,
and by duty, all the same.

So I climb up the ivory tower,
all the way,
and I hold out my hand at the top.
He lays no rose by the door at all,
and he does not knock;

but I open the windows and I let
in the birds – and singing,
they say every
thing I have heard
in words,

-        - sometimes countless more besides –

but they do not have the strength
left to turn
this ever-rolling

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day Twenty -#WoPoWriMo - Sparks


A miracle
was made today,
as you and I walked, under trees, by
the lake, and as we sat down
in the
rainbow lanes
of light, all colours,
that fell through the leaves. I smiled
away questions,
you asked of me, for truth, and an
honest heart. If only to start,
I swallowed the time
from a silver
pocket watch,
and threw up secrets, into the air,
only you
should ever catch in the shadows
as they lengthened
with the day
and all the comings
of dark…
And a miracle
was made
from nothing;
…from all…
and a tiny spark. 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day Nineteen - #WoPoWriMo - The Heart Thief

Resigned to amazement,
every which way,
destined to watch
and stand stunned
by each
new day, and all the things you encounter,
new challenges faced ,
my smiling pirate
of unexplored seas –

you rock and you roll
and dip
and tease, as birds
in an ecstasy of flight,
causing my marvel,
each wondrous morning,
my glory,
each unexplained night.

I watch you flower,
in moonlight,
through a curtain’s crack,
and you stop your sea-battle just to ask,
how the storm clouds
ever came
to be formed; 
and you shock me always,
with the gems
in your eyes
in the sunlight of a summer dawn.

An angel, an imp, until the light is gone,
kind ghost
amongst evening stars,
my mischievous sprite whilst the fog
is rolling –
I will never
quite know what you are.

For Linsy. xxx 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Day Eighteen - #WoPoWriMo - A Woodland Tale


That hole in the sky, will close some day,
some wholly inconvenient
way, as we wander
on a woodland path;

one that winds as dragons pass,
and cry fire
into morning air; one that leads
to everywhere, and nowhere
all at once,

with a toll gate that charges
in fingers
and thumbs and a cow
that jumps over the moon – we will have
our fairytale,

and you,
if the story
takes the rest of our time,
every sweet on the candy-trail
was laid to find, and light
our merry walk,

and we will stop
and savour them all, we have forever
to talk.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day Seventeen - #WoPoWriMo - Listen


You and I,
we listen,
some days, on others
when rainbows
seem all
the same, we hide,
where our colours can blend;

we stitch the clouds
as nature
intends, all black,
and grey as the morning
light bends,
through the
shadows, and the rain
comes to pass.

Then you and I lie still
and ask
all manner of impossible things,
like diamond futures and fairy
rings, we do not yet
have rights to own. But we call
them dreams,
and sleep them off,
to tomorrow-year, and know,

all to the ticking of the clock –
we have found
a place we call home.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day Sixteen - #WoPoWriMo - Tomorrow


we will go walking,
you and I,
by the water, under brave old skies,
we will walk
and watch
the cotton-wool clouds, as they gather,
rolling by

in a instant,
a moment of grace,
and I will call it a talisman
to keep
you safe, when the diamonds
and sapphires
all fall from the heavens,
you and I will compound
a meeting
of elevens as our foreheads
touch over lunch -

and the daisies
and buttercups
all held and bunched, together,
will make a fist
of never,
and all the leaves
of February
will be cradled
as if they meant

Day Fifteen - #WoPowriMo - Testimony

I walked
past the church today,
bells all ringing
as they cast me away; said: ‘nothing
      - go roll in your dust’. And I wondered
if maybe
my wander-lust and the stars,
through branches,
had caught up with me.

I swallowed my scars,
and wondered, on you,
all effervescent light,
as the world came down around me,
and claimed a shimmering
night of passion
and a glorious flame,
as I fell to my knees and howled
your name amongst angels
and dragons
of rust;

my shackles all powdered
and turned to
dust, in an instant, when I felt waning
and you lay down beside me and told
me a tale;
your heart,
your soul,
were not for
sale, in a cross-winter wind.

You were only just
biding your time,
and waiting
for life
to begin. 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Day Fourteen - #WoPoWriMo - Untitled

...because there are no words really...

than water spirits
you and I are no better
we are but one fool
a lone moon in a sky sugared with
far too many sweet stars
but this is the summer of our love, my king,
and they will not take it,
for if mad-men laugh at us
yet will we go dancing in the spring grass
and along the beautiful byways of lust
to the daylight of heaven
and the diamond paradise
of the night that calls us.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day Thirteen - #WoPoWriMo - Roulette

Show me a Russian roulette of breeze,
confetti tumbling from skeleton trees, a dark
wonderland of the winter freeze and a stretching
necklace of red;
winking and blinking up
ahead, to light
all my yellow brick road…

Let me follow
bright sugar-drops,
all the way home, like a fabled,
breadcrumb trail;
and tell me then, a
snow-queen tale, as I turn
Fortune’s fragile wheel.
   Ice-encrusted, it melts to reveal, awesome
moments of sharpened
breath; and I look back
and forth
at depths
of tomorrow,
and tomorrow, 
all at once,
as fallen stars creep up on me,
and whisper,
they were there all along. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day Twelve - #WoPoWriMo - Lullaby for the Blind

Watch over me,
like a star-lit moon;
for today has crept up, long and blue, as a
deep-sea moment,
of forever.

Sit by me
and bind and tether, my chains,
to all the dashing rocks.
Ask this incessant,
wild pounding,
to stop, and free me
to walk
with the wind.

Lay all
your warmth on me,
and whisper;
sing a lullaby -
an overcrowded sky
with sugar-jewels,
all in a row.

Better still,
refute it all;
and say it isn't so.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day Eleven: #WoPoWriMo - Holes


Holes in today, no holes in tomorrow;
a gentle belonging
like summer’s black swallows, that dips
and dives
into the depths of souls,
swoops and tumbles,
claims and owns, a heart,
and a time, all at once.

Tomorrow’s wonder,
is not yet begun, though there borders
true feeling,
and devotions, in this touch,
and to want
and to be
is often too much like a ribbon
that ties and holds.

Not this time,
just a moment,
that bends and
folds, amongst the steps of a
long-trodden quest, following footprints;
through sand;
on a rocky shore ,
to the shell-arms of happiness. 

Day Ten: #WoPoWriMo - Box in the Attic


You spoke to me today, 
through the scent of the dust, 
and the mothballs
in a long-closed
box; you spoke and the words
flew across
the years, like the wings of grey doves -
they wrapped and consumed me
in memories of love; unconditional; and a deep
summer haze. They smelled of the moss
that adorned and glazed
the lawn
in your garden of roses, and recalled
sugared pies and daisy-chain 
posies, picked and planted
in an egg-cup display;
they remembered all that was given
and taken away, under a precautious
strawberry-sun. It seemed I blinked,
one afternoon,
and you were gone;
climbed peeling paint 
of old stone stairs;
barely above 
the height of my knee,
just to find, 
you were no longer there.
I opened a box in the attic today - it smelled of my Great-Grandma's house. I hadn't breathed in that scent in twenty-four years... :) 

Day Nine: #WoPoWriMo - Unnecessary Words


Say nothing on things
that don’t need words – a thousand
lessons leave
a million things to learn, and we are
watching the world turn and
be born anew, under a soft-grey sky.
Forget these glass hearts, and
lullabies; the gap filled
by a dying rose; forget all the truths
we have failed to expose,
- tomorrow
is another day.
Say nothing, 
only turn this way, and grow older:
let’s get crows’ feet of bliss...
Unnecessary words
don’t speak, 
with the voice,
of an essential kiss.