Monday, 16 November 2009

Beautiful Dawn

There is beauty in souls subdued
in lights turned out
and the rythym of life reduced
to something so basic and true as
the sound of heartbeats
and gentle breath
and weightless minds troubled by less than life's
ordinary woes.

There is clarity in all the holes
in all our veils exposed
when the curtains are drawn
in the time between rest and morning
when our eyes see all, but still,
are closed.

We roll
and in the half-light
all at once we have better sight
through heavy lashes and blankets of sleep
than ever we might
hope to achieve
by day.

For from under our rumpled,
tangled hair,
from beneath our dream-drenched sheets,
we allow ourselves the most sacred of peeks,
a revered chance,
to peel back the covers and
catch sight of one another
in the only moment we know to be real;
to gaze upon rare beauty


  1. I get this on weekend mornings when I'm not dashing out the door for work. Delightful bit. Thank you for being an amazing talent, and for sharing that with the world.

  2. *Blush* Thank you for thinking I have talent! :)

  3. It's the one time when being caught between two worlds is pleasure and not torture.