Saturday, 20 March 2010

#Fridayflash - Black Jacket

As she drew herself, reluctantly, from the thick cotton wool of sleep, Penny caught sight of a tangled shock of shaggy, dark hair, splayed across the pillow beside her.

She rubbed at her tired eyes, still sore from the club’s dry ice and the heavy make-up she hadn’t quite removed last night. Her mouth felt as dry as sawdust, but despite the discomfort and thirst, she was more than able to smile at the owner of the dark hair’s presence. Well…rather at her own presence. This was, after all, his place.

Penny pushed herself up on her elbow and leaned gently across his naked back, until she could see his face. Her smile widened…Anthony…or was it Andrew?…was still fast asleep, his long, dark eyelashes, resting softly on his stubbly cheeks.

In the early morning light that filtered through the curtains, Penny noticed he had a large, electric guitar, tattooed between his shoulder blades. It’s neck and fret board were now clearly visible above the bed’s white sheets. Penny wasn’t surprised she hadn’t noticed his body-art last night. When she met him, Anthony had been wearing a black jacket that now lay discarded on the bedroom floor…and after that…well, she’d only really cared about what wasn’t covering his skin!

Penny pushed her own, tangled hair back off her forehead and breathed out contentedly, recalling the moment she first laid eyes on Anthony. His jacket was the thing that caught her attention… It was flamboyant, a vintage cavalry coat, double breasted, with pewter buttons and beautiful, intricate, charcoal beading. Rare and expensive-looking, Anthony had worn it well. The jacket nipped in at his narrow hips, and suited his messy haircut and the shiny, white guitar slung across his body. Up on the stage, he’d had an air of all the best things from the eighties…rock music and neon, the remnants of Punk, and the advent of Goth. His pants were just a little too tight and the music seemed to be part of him. He had reminded Penny of her self…aside from a voice like silk, he could have been her male incarnation. Watching him, up there performing to the crowd, she’d found herself captivated…and covetous… Penny had seen something she wanted to own…more than she’d ever craved possession of anything.

Penny had also known, it wouldn’t take much to get what she so desired. The musician was very sure of himself…but Penny knew her own charms. A glance alone had Anthony hooked. Just a few flattering comments, a couple of drinks on a set break, and a wry smile from a table close to the stage, soon had him playing only to her. Penny had flicked her wild curls in measured seduction, and raised a suggestive eyebrow or two…before she fixed her bedroom eyes on his and waited for her prey to bite.

He had taken the bait, of course. Hook, line and sinker…getting Anthony out of that sexy jacket had been little more than child’s play! He was, no doubt, used to attention – he clearly knew what he wanted too - and last night, Penny could think of nothing better, than sinking gleefully into what stood before her.

Truth be known, she thought, as she leaned over Anthony’s sleeping form, observing their abandoned clothes, she could still think of nothing better…

Quietly, and gently, so as not to wake him, Penny slipped out from under the covers. She needed coffee. The beer had flowed freely last night, and her veins were screaming for caffeine.

Moving with as much stealth as she could muster, Penny pulled on her tight black jeans and the vest with the shiny print that she’d worn last night. Anthony didn’t stir, even as she leaned over him to push the curtain aside and check the weather.

It looked warm outside. Strong sunlight filtered between the densely packed buildings of the city centre. Penny drew back from the window, and picking up Anthony’s jacket from the bedroom floor, she slipped it on, letting her self sink into its scratchy, vintage felt. The fabric smelled of him, she smirked…but that would fade with time…

Penny stood before the bedroom mirror, stopping a moment as she passed it…and it was just as she’d thought. The jacket looked fantastic on her! It clung in all the right places and was well worth the effort to obtain it.

Buttoning its shiny, double breast, until the jacket’s starched military collar stood almost upright, Penny gathered her purse and slipped quietly from Anthony’s bedroom… She needed to order that coffee.

‘One double strength Americano, please…’ she mused triumphantly, fingering a pewter button as she imagined her order. ‘…To go.’ There would be little point in pleasantries now…Penny already had exactly what she came for.

Sorry about my late post (again!)...was traveling last night, on a ferry to Rotterdam. Needless to say, the on-board musician was wearing a rather wonderful jacket... :-p


  1. I like how you've turned stereotypes upside down by presenting an assertive woman who uses sex for her own means.... Am currently reading Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby and your ageing rocker reminded me of the central character in the book... Hope you're having a good time in Rotterdam!

  2. This is a great story. Penny certainly is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it!

  3. ...the on-board musician was wearing a rather wonderful jacket...

    You didn't?! *gasp* lol!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

    I really liked this story, I kept wondering who was going to murder who, or what else would go wrong between them - I was not however, expecting the ending you gave us. I do so love a twist in a story ending.

  4. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the read!

    I'm having a great time visiting my sister in Holland.

    And no, Sam, I didn't...but God damn it, I wanted to!! :P

  5. You had me at "the thick cotton wool of sleep."

  6. This story rocked! Heh.

    I, too, love a great jacket so can understand that she coveted his.

    Glad she didn't murder him because you can only wear ugly things in jail... ;)

    I mean, it had pewter buttons!

    Terrific story!

  7. Like Sam, I waited for someone to die. LOL! Terrific sounding jacket.

  8. I can't imagine why you'd all expect me to kill someone?! It's not like I have form or anything! :p

  9. Sex for a jacket? There was a time when I would have taken that deal... :)

    Good story, I really enjoyed it.

  10. Very nice! Love the concept. Sounds realistic enough to me. I dated a guy once to drive his car. lol.

  11. Like Sam and Laura, I kept waiting for the kill. I just knew she'd turn out to be a vampire, especially with the vision of her drawing back from the window. Super suspense here - love it Amy!

  12. I thought she was going to cut the guitar from his back!

    Nice story, Amy. That coat does sound good too. Have a fab time in Holland.

  13. This makes me want an Adam Ant coat now. Dammit.

    Nicely done. I liked the twist.