Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Knock Twice

You’re looking at me
from behind smoke and mirrors,
across a crowded bar that rarely delivers,
and I have never seen
more beauty
than this
in my clouded wake.

I have never regretted
a right decision made
in virtuous foolishness,
then preached without truth,
than the one I made
on a bar stool
with you inches from me,
like an unread book…

…and there are moments, I think,
you shouldn’t look at me
like that,
but the second it is gone, God knows,
I want it back, and front, and upside down,
and inwards and backwards, and I beg you,
lay me down on that guilty pyre,
for we’ve known it
ever so long,
we’re just dragging it out like the
chorus of a song and a dance, with too much
repetition, not enough
and I lied,
I want you,
every way in creation of man
and of woman from him…

…so ask me again, with that same, damned longing,
and knock twice…my stolen sin,
for this time,
I will surely let you in.


  1. Oh very telling and perfect. I could hear the words spoken in my mind. Nice ring.

  2. "my stolen sin,
    for this time,
    I will surely let you in."

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE THIS PART. Did you see my poem "knocking" from yesterday?
    We have twin muses this week.
    All your work is just so lovely, but this in particular speaks to me.
    *happy sigh*

  3. Thank you ladies, you're lovely! :)