Thursday, 24 June 2010

Don't Wake Me

"Look," she points,
to the sky,
and the trees,
and her smile breaks out
in truth
and freedom...
but they can only see
a field.

"Just lie here," she sighs,
on the wind
with her back in the grass
and the fairy-king,
- like a horseshoe,
glittering -
and dancing,
in her hair.

And she lets as much
time pass
as she dare,
before she wonders: "Do you hear that?"
And the whole world looks
straight at her,
as if she were nothing less
than a black hole
on the edge of space
and she laughs across
the sunlit plain;
she giggles, like the stream and says,
"If I dream now,
don't you wake me...

to save the world,

for the end of days,

don't ever wake me."


  1. This was beautiful. You're such a gifted poet. <3

  2. Feel like I wouldn't want to wake up either, wonderful poem, Amy!

  3. Absolute beauty...wish I could live inside this poem.

    One slight concern: the semicolon after please in the end throws off the rhythm for me. Otherwise great pacing and spacing.

  4. this is a beautiful poem.