Monday, 8 November 2010


Tell me all the ways
you want to make me yours;
all the parts of me you want to
whisper to,
adore, and possess.
Come and question every
I take when I am near you.

Come and touch me
like a broken arrow,
like an eagle’s wing in flight,
lift me up and force
my soul to sing aloud and give life
to yours.
Come and lay me
on the kitchen
floor and take
all those parts you named
before with caresses and smiles
in the smoky night.

Come ignite a raging flame of desire
on ice cold ceramic tiles…
now – take me with you -
and I will walk, or run,
or crawl
the thousand miles across your desert
to kiss you.

1 comment:

  1. sounds familiar......something I would have written to the only Star that I know for I was her moon. no matter what was mine now yours and maybe you would understand the true meaning of Love.