Sunday, 20 March 2011

Heaven Scent

I walk away
with your scent on me,
and you’re with me
time I breathe…caressing my
and smoothing
my hair…
in my mouth,
on my fingers,
I inhale…
you are there in an instant,
a moment’s dream,
and I know then, you and I,
don’t need
to see. While we have time,
and sunlight,
and freedom,
we can shake off shackles
and dance
into Eden; hand in hand,
and side by side,
blind mice on a slowly, rising tide
of virtue, and demons,
dark roses…and love…wanting
nothing else
to watch the soaring,
painted doves
of happiness in familiar eyes;
…and to see them
roll, and twist,
and grace one another’s skies.

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