Saturday, 18 June 2011

Invisible Cracks

Inspired by a Writers' Group Task for the Leeds Savage Club

We try to pretend
it is just the same;
that we look at each other, still,
in that way…
…how we used to,
when we couldn’t
get enough.

We whisper in corners now,
I sigh,
and you huff, and I’m sure
we never did that

But we close our eyes
and draw the curtains,
on things uncertain, untrue,
or exposed;
we wrinkle up our delicate noses,
and ignore the smell of frustration…

for where once we were
love-doctors to all,
in denial,
somehow, we became
the patients.


  1. I can relate to this one. In fact, it hits pretty close to home. Good to see you back on Twitter and the blogs though!

  2. <3

    Really you are AWESOME

    but i have a problem ,, i hate being see her without telling she :(