Tuesday, 4 October 2011


You should have someone
who feels heaven in your arms,
who calms your spirit
like waves caress sand, who hears only angels
when you growl in pleasure; who measures time
when you wander from her,
who longs,
without rest,
to worship at your altar; to fall on her knees,
to revere,
and adore, to venerate perfection against
the kitchen door…you should have
someone who cannot say ‘no’
who struggles to go and keep mind
on their day, you should fill thoughts
and a heart
in a way no other could dream of…
You should be honoured
and prayers whispered
to your soul,
tasted and bitten and eaten
whole and writhing
‘til you can barely breathe…
…you should go home to a temple and someone
as pious
and holy
as me. 


  1. This might just be my favorite, Amy, you're so talented. Love this poem!

  2. Thank you so much...so glad you like it! :)