Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Dancers

Inspired by a photograph as part of a Leeds Savage Club task   

They tell me you cannot miss that
which you have not had,
how then do I find
myself in sadness
and light, all at once blazing days,
and longed for nights
where I whirl as though dancing
and lean as in arms
with none yet to catch me
but moments of calm and
busy, there to fill up my
head, with something other
than rainbows
and lilies,
air-castles instead, and I tango
alone, in the sand, the
steps all wrong, for want of
a hand to guide, with sweet
trace of my spine,
and wanting of a moment
that was never yet mine but
in the heaven of my dreams,
and the vacant skies, without
that buzz overhead, threatening
extinction, there’ll be bluebirds
instead, to dance beside us
as we gladly forget. 

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