Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sandy Hook

How much time,
could ever heal this,
or lend condolence? As blood
runs cold
for such stolen innocence?
For the tiny hands,
that will never again hold,
and the tiny hearts,
that will never now
for lives
almost begun,
that can never be old;
and the premature setting
of so many
sweet suns…
Forget the incessant
of political tongues, or the
pathetic assertion
of some ancient rite;
too many new angels adorn
the heavens tonight,
beyond reason
or any words
that could form truth, or sense.
The price of
plundered treasure;
the cost;
is immense, and all beauty
is eclipsed in this moment.

Only one thing is certain, and sure...
is forever broken.

I keep children safe every day...I couldn't bear it if 20 of them never made it home.
Words can't describe. Thoughts cannot imagine.
My love to all who will feel this. School is supposed to be safe.

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