Sunday, 11 August 2013


Because I love the way you laugh,
and I love the way you cry,
because I love that my 
tender words
put tears in your beautiful eyes. I love
the way you drive
and all the ways you smile;
mouth and heart, and body,
and soul, and all the beauty you make
roll over, somewhere
inside of me. I love the stars
as close 
as they seem
with the safety of your hand
in mine.

I love the sparks, 
that bounce like wildfires,
the moments of truth
and our aches of desire, unthinking confidence,
and glorious touch,
unasking and needing and driven 
by a must that insists 
we entwine;

I love 
every new sin
sings choirs of the blessed divine.

I love how you listen and the ways 
that you feel, your words that caress and 
so effortlessly heal; 
I love all your whispers, your lips, 
your embrace,
gentle fingers 
that entice 
and gracefully trace along pathways that we walk
without reason 
or rhyme...

An unexplained meeting 
of two, jigsaw minds.

Let it be known, without hiding, or chains,
that I 
love all of these things...

but none so much, my darling,
as the inspiration that builds my wings. 

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