Sunday, 12 November 2017

Creatures of the Night

Steal away in the dark, from their
watchful eyes, shining like cats' under the city lights,
lead me this way, in a wanton flight
of fancy
to a hidden place - anywhere they cannot 
look upon our faces 
and perchance may see,
the creatures of the night we escape 
to be,
entwined under beats
and strobes:

follow my breadcrumbs 
down a darkened road
then whip me back and forth
with well-deserved strokes, and sweet lashes, of my wicked 
catch me,
hold me,
as I writhe and shake,
bound pixie,
in this rhythmic heat,

I know you are starving, my  gentle beast,
whose teeth are a welcome 
whose tongue is 
a sparkling trove of treasure, laid, but tender, on me:

come chew through my bonds 
and set me free: I offer my throat; I am yours to eat - dine
until you're satisfied:
Red Riding Hood sees the wolf in your eyes,
and she wants him
under her spell...

Taste her and rock her, 'til her heart shall swell,
like an ocean 
enticed by the moon:
and come the Witching Hour, let her be howling too. 

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