Sunday, 20 October 2019

My Favourite Part

If I tell you that this
is my favourite part,
know it is because there, I feel your
heart-beat, and your soul
speak to me,
feel you tighten on the edge
of an ecstasy calling;
a dawn, and a sunset,
a sky falling, and the stars bereft now
of a moment
that was written in them,
as it soars to new galaxies, twists
and bends, in trails
of comets,
burning through blackness, on its own
trajectory of dizzying, colourful happiness – this
is the place,
you let me in –the torsion of muscle,
the softness of skin,
on skin,
and I feel your lips curve,
without ever needing to hear a word or a sigh,
out loud,
here we are lost, beyond the
clouds of Heaven, where tender passion calls;
roars, and begs the rush
of a waterfall of light; a glistening ribbon
that curls and binds
you inside me,
and I
in you…hot mouth, caressing too
to miss, as I bury my face, in my favourite part
of you , to kiss. 

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