Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An Auntie's Advice

Every day of life, little one,
you will learn new things,
that will make your heart
both weep and sing,
but darling, please start, knowing this:
every person you meet, you must see their best,
embrace your paths crossing, lest they mean
to show you the way, and when you feel you must go,
be brave and stay, for all moments and things,
those which bring joy
and those that will sting, happen to lead you along,
with each and every step you take, your footprint is a mark
you were supposed to make,
and even when your soul aches, be sure to keep giving
more than you take, and be strong;
for fate makes no mistakes,
and though the road may be long,
the ones you travel with and the way you are walking
can never be wrong.
To my unborn nephew or niece, the things I wish they’d said to me,
important things about the world, I wish I’d known as a little girl… With Love x 


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