Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Parents' Evening

In the quiet darkness, loveless stairs,
rang with absence of little feet,
there was a hole and space in the air,
jagged scars in the atmosfear,
silence stared from all the corners,
where the angry minotaurs would creep.

Lurking as shadows
and pouncing on innocence,
they stepped all over perceived
brilliance; exposing truth
that was more than accepting
that these were the chides that
had long been nesting in thick and
woolly days of wonder,
stopping now and then to daydream
and ponder, as they waited for spring,

a reason or two
to say or do whatever struck their mind;
not knowing that twice a year
they would be chided
and spanked for thinking or daring;
such was the abject wonder
of the bi-annual Parents' Evening.

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