Friday, 16 November 2012

Heaven In Strobe Lights


Bring me heaven in strobe lights,
come rove and explore;
reckless hands, all inhibition,
cast wanton, to the floor like the skins,
of forbidden fruits,
and craving, voyeurs ache
to be you,
or I:
hard-backed against the wall,
in this slow-motion room where dark angels
all call, immoral and teasing,
at the cliff-edge of cruel, until we tremble and ache
with the yearning truth
of every white-hot touch 
and caress… Sullied beautiful throbs and sparks
against tenderness, and I want to be wholly
and eternally
undressed by gentle claws and a
velvet tongue…

I dare them now...ask us to leave…
…such pleasure cannot be wrong.

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  1. I love poetry! so glad I saw your tweet and popped by