Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Man in the Moon


“Think only, 
on what you are going to put first”,
said the man in the moon
to the spider
at his side.
She watched him intently, as
she spun her web; a thin
and veiled disguise.

“I put first
whatever feels right,” she whispered
as she tied up
knots in the sky, connecting the
stars’ angel-light with the words
she wished
she could say.

When he turned
his face away,
she knew she could no longer
to be brave
…and she let her costume fall,

on the ground
it revealed
she was not a spider at all, but a
firefly drawn
to his light,

“I glow because of you,” she said,
and together,
they lit up the night.

Playing with this week's theme for Leeds Savage Club Writers' task: 'Tactical Bask'...

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