Monday, 5 October 2009


My name
is Light-Bearer
and yet they call me tormentor
demon, vision, half-breed inventor of
rebellion of darkness and vermilion soul-food
that none would have known
had I done as I was told and
kept my sword sheathed
but for those beasts that would threaten

But I did not darkness become alone,
I was not horror’s salutation –
Such words and situations existed in all your vicious throats
Long before my incarnation as
your scapegoat, hoofed and horned.
And I warn you now
I am still the Bringer of Light,
I am yet your Lamp of Truth.
I force on you
The knowledge of your own
demon harbourage
and you were never
the harbingers
of the word of mighty kings.

So how will you who have never
had wings
fare now
when you fall?
The last I recall is the thump on your
filthy earth before the onset of my curse
when I gazed through the cracks below
into something deeper than deepest blackness
that lives in the soul of my sire
to a place where howling beasts have their freedom in fire.

My white wings beat themselves to grey and my
vivid blue eyes glowed red;
but I had them still;
and the distant voice in my head was gone
the one that talked of right and wrong
and I heard
for the first time

“Lucifer,” the new voice said.
“You are king here.
Welcome to Hell.”

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  1. What a fabulous portrait you've painted of this occasion. Thank you for pointing me to it.