Friday, 16 October 2009

Toys, and Things...

I loved how it approached me,
all colours and codes,
and how the things it said
made sense.
I loved how it observed me when
I seemed to offer
something new
something different
something it hadn’t seen before
something I made it crave and implore
to touch its soul.

Its heart fell wide open, for me,
but it kept its life shut tight,
to the phosphorescent creature
it found
to whisper
wild things
in the night.

It wanted its new pet only
in the moments
when I offered it
when I was able
to cloud its reality and
deliver freedom.

We shared glances,
had moments,
but they were tokens only;
one admittance,
to the Ferris wheel.
For the whole reel of day tickets
were already sold
a long time since.

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