Friday, 2 October 2009

Flight of the Modern Poet

This being my first blog post ever (fanfares accepted!), I shall celebrate it with a large sip of my beautiful glass of Chilean Shiraz before I proceed any further...

Ah! Ceremonies completed, we shall come to what you might expect to read here...

Well, first and foremost I intend to use this blog as an outlet for the ever increasing amount of poetry I appear to be producing at the moment. An online version of my legendary 'Red Book', where only the most share-worthy of work earns its place. Second to this, I may post anything else here that I consider appropriate in the name of art, beauty, humour or good old-fashioned hedonistic indulgence!

Some might say that poets, by their very definition, are of a rather archaic penchant. However, despite the fact it has taken me almost a year of being a member of the Leeds Writers' Group (where everyone and their uncle has had a blog forever!) to start this blog, I am inclined to disagree. I like to think of my general demeanor as being more arcane than archaic, and the same, I hope, applies to my writing style.

It is not considered very relevant or dynamic to be a poet in today's world. Poetry is largely thought of as an 'old' art, redundant, perhaps, in the eyes of some. But for those of us who write it, because we always have and because we cannot help but do so, it is as relevant to life as breathing.

Largely, I've created this blog to encourage other people to find it relevant to their lives too. I don't mind whether you 'understand' it, whether you 'get' what I mean by it...that's not the point. Just so long as you enjoy reading it, and it means something to you... Diverse interpretation is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate reason that poetry is such an effective medium of communication. It is language in its softest, most pliable form...which means almost everyone can relate to it somehow.

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