Thursday, 18 February 2010

'The Sight'

I could see souls,
you said, and I know
that scared you
half to death
for fear that I’d
see yours.

But you gave me cause to look
didn’t you?
You wanted me to see through
your damage
and your lies –
you had something like
snake eyes, and they
looked daggers at me;
the doomed king (or queen)
to your Macbeth.

And you may call me damned
or blessed,
but I’d have hurled myself
from the tower for truth,
and it was clear how you knew that,
for there’d be no one there to catch me
when I fell.

I may as well have turned my soul
and all those seen,
over to the fires of Hell
and testified
to their lonely burning,
for only one thing is certain –
it wasn’t ‘the sight’ that left me yearning for
the rotten fruits of vile temptation,
for justice, love, and my own salvation –

No. You need not fear at all;
this queen never saw your soul –
just the choking blackness of
the hole
where once it should have been.

Been re-reading Macbeth this week, can you tell?! :-)


  1. Your poetry makes me want to cry, for happiness or tragedy. Great work, love the rhyming rhythm, fantastic.

  2. Were you listening to rap while reading Macbeth?
    I got visions of GZA during the penultimate stanza (that's what they're called, isn't it?)

  3. Ha! The Genius! rap. Besides I was born in the 80s, it should've been Run DMC or Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock if I was! LOL!

  4. ahhh I loved your poem :D

  5. Wonderful poem here! I'll second the idea of having the happiness and/or tragedy.

    Well done.