Saturday, 26 January 2019


A flame inside her,
and a light, like mine, with her arms around his
neck, and her world 
in his eyes that see nothing, but the way that
she winds,
hips, like a serpent, as she twists 
and grinds to
a beat, that only they feel, 
deeper than one,
that rises
through the steel, of the table legs
beneath my soft glow,
something that pulls them as they ebb
and flow, again, the way I've watched them do,
in their moment together,
just you, you...lost in music, not around 
but within, an all-consuming,
intoxicating thing, that fills
this whole place, with their heat,
vibrations like thunder and the strike of her feet,
as I do, in a door-draft,
foreheads together 
they smile and laugh like they don't
have a care or a bother,
nothing beyond 
the euphoria of one another,
nothing past
secret touches of skin, fitting 
together, as a queen
and a king who seems
the sun,
and her moon,
nothing else...just you, you...and they shine,
like a million stars,
a succubus fairy and the pirate,
of her heart,
rocking to crescendo 
on their waves, in the dark,
they light up the night and oblivious, the bar...melting, burning
like we do;
a candle in a jar.  

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