Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Story

Here is, I suppose, a very long story,
though the chapters last 
mostly nights,
and mornings, and if you read the pages 
all crumpled together,
many years go by, a fable of forever...I was never
without you, my soul never separate,
my spirit never
temperate than it is 
in this tale, and your arms;
a soul-doctor takes oath
to do no harm and I see none, where the world
would see much - nothing wrong with this 
moonlight-touch and the magic that follows us
stolen, silent; not a will, but a must and a need 
red letters all divulged on a scrap quickly thrown
in the flames...
come...I'll make you, forget your name, again, with 
this breath on your skin...
here is a long story, that you and I,
over and over,

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