Sunday, 27 January 2019


(Poetry challenge by The Leeds Savage Club - includes or inspired by music or lyrics)

Moments of melting, fingers in dirt,
sky-rolls, and breaths, and meeting
of the first days of summer, 
in wet-heat and 
joy: every little thing
is gonna be
You-thirst, and light bursts,
silent nights. Stars and sun-kisses and 
gentle moonlight sands,
with fire
on the rocks: I'm gonna be 
where the lights
are shining on me.
Hoof-prints in the wind, and
smeared in dust,
laughter and tomorrow's
day-old rust of decision,
and trusting knowledge
of past;
lean on me,
when you
are not strong.
Hold on,
and coffee
on a Saturday morning, cliff-tops
and slow afternoons of dawning 
truth that shapes clouds
and holds hands at canter;
just be mine,
be mine.
Rum and ice-rocks, and the 
edges of never, the drumbeats of 
on the verge of 
forever-remember as 
night calls them home, 
without thinking:
I walk the line. 
I follow its thread
to wherever the bread
crumbs and candy 
shall snake and lead; an inky-pink seahorse,
a unicorn,
and me. All follow the rainbow;
for there ain't
no sunshine
when she's gone,
and I guess 
you'd say
we were mind-dancing all along. 

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