Saturday, 20 April 2013

First Flight

My soul feels the gentle sway 
of you,
hard footprints across my heart, too long a 
winter-wind has blown, and held us
only too far 
apart, Too many days 
have passed
without comfort; 
without solace 
in your listening eyes, 
too many mornings have come 
and gone without you, 
at my side. Too many nights now we haven't 
raced a sunset, 
too often we've missed its rise, all for want 
of moments to spend;
for a freedom-game; 
for time. So long since we have walked, 
both barefoot,
in grass without an autumn rain, 
or felt a fresh spring bluster fill 
our hair 
in a sun-dappled lane.Yesterday and yesterday 
since we felt summer's tender flame 
come creeping
and entice our spirits, to beauty 
and wanton things;
but yet it comes, my dear one;
beneath your saddle,
I felt the buds of wings.


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