Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tell Me a Secret

Tell me a secret 
part of you I can treasure,
and revere, as essence 
of a closeness 
of hearts, 
give me open, and
welcoming arms 
that call, 
only my name,
out of longing and grace; 
let me watch as your seeking 
fingers trace in solace, all the rose-tint
of my gentle curves, 
tell me all the ways I can brighten
your world and lend me quiet moments 
to whisper these 
words that struggle
to form 
and decant; 
better yet let them be said 
with a tender, warm
and kisses like silk
or lace; 
better still to be drawn 
with a slow, 
dancing taste, of a tongue 
on fresh-salted skin;
the sort that frees 
sleeping truths 
from within all our deepest,
and most cavernous 
if naked and bare
we talk of our souls,
then we entrust our desires 
...and hearts. 


  1. I really like this moment in the poem:

    "let me watch as your seeking
    fingers trace in solace, all the rose-tint
    of my gentle curves, "

    Looking forward to today's National Poetry Month blog tour post!

  2. This was my National Poetry Month blog tour post...posted night before due to looong days at work at the moment. Forgive me, I'm a novice! So glad you enjoyed it! :)