Friday, 12 April 2013

The Rock

Ode to the place my soul lives...

and then,
when I sit atop you,
I wonder on all
that we have known and
come through; a childhood, the sunsets,
on which ledges I have stood, picnics and
laughter and the trappings
of a dutiful love,
and my hands, by instinct, caress the one
to whom I would gather my prisons and silently run,
whenever there was nowhere else.
For you knew all the times
I put myself on a shelf, of tomorrow and tomorrow
above the clandestine truth,
you knew my desires, all in vain,
you watched all my days, forced to be the same
and you cut my shackles free again, whenever
I had moments
to watch the clouds of your blue.
None of it was ever you
not really
just a means of wanton escape.
But you’ve stopped me in my tracks, each and every way,
with your views, all the days of my life.
And lying beside you, awaiting a sunset tonight,
I feel a ghost
of future and summer heat, in the sun:
And I can say now,
‘stay mine forever,
someday...when they ask...
I will share you with someone’.

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