Friday, 12 April 2013


I confess, I walked these streets
and something inside me called
your name, and I pushed all my gentle
memories away, like they did not stab
at me.
And I watched all the diamonds fold and seem
to sparkle
in their lights of tomorrow,
and I could not deny any rubies of
sorrows, they dragged up
from my reflecting soul.
All told, I wanted
to stop
and rewind,
to say all the things that once
upon a time, hours ate
whilst I let them go by.
May sun in a cold, clear sky, was enough,
just enough, to remind me to breathe,
but it was not nearly enough
to deceive,
or blind,
from my heart’s recall.
So I confess, I walked these streets today,
 - wholly unforgotten again -
and I gladly remembered it all. 

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