Thursday, 2 August 2018

Between The Stars

It existed,
between the stars, they said,
and full
of not much,
void and simple,
time imprinted, at the end of ever
unseeing, they claimed,
blind, and deaf, and dumb,
a lonely hole, unlit, un-speaking,
no mouth,
no ears,
no tongue.

But you and I, looked up through night,
and saw the stars were not selfish
with light, and the moon,
she was
more generous
she shone across its vast expanse, as if she had
a room
to fill with glow, and gentle haze,
the whole world
of living could see,
and she seemed to cast a gaze,
a moment,
down, at you, and me, and all that space -  
through-out the blackness bright
 - what swam between
the stars,
was filled with love that night,

gentle, pale, and beautiful,
the whole world’s evening sight,
was a beckoning vision
cast by souls, beyond the chains
of life,
they moved between the stars
on beams,
of future and
forever, reminding us that
distance does not, negate being together in time
nor fast in truth,
no circumstance too much,
as they reached across dimensions,
and we stretched our fingers out to touch
them all
with tenderness,
and in unison,
exult and mourn,
ever glancing at the crimson of, the fast-encroaching
a time we knew,
letting go was due, of visitors
from another place; a time we made
ourselves safe,
in a castle built of arms.

Wrapped in calm, tear-stained face to mine,
as they receded,
across the  livid sky;
you rested your weary head a time,
and I whispered:
“it was only a gift…”
And there, was born, a new morning,
on our soul-dance,
and a kiss.

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