Thursday, 2 August 2018

Soul's Mirror

Come, place a mirror,
up by my heart, you’ll see secrets it carries
inside. Therein, all reflections of you, are
held, rocked, abide. What colours you
are today, tomorrow;
a chameleon-light responds,
connected to my sinew and bones, pulling painfully, with
lengthy bonds, 
and strong, 
that sit,
in turn, attached, from soul to aching soul,
glittering places, bathed,
in something ever-gold and set apart,

by things it thought it knew,
come…place a mirror, 
all there is to see
is you, 
in a chamber
that dances, when you shine,
throbs and beats with truth, when honour,
all down the lines of every thing
that is,
and explodes with cherished joy, 
that sits in dark and silent pain,
in moments that the sky
seems clogged with something
thick, and freezing cold,
a wall of icy
bricks I question, and you pretend you did not toil 
in earnest
to place them there - I take them down,
one by one, 
so you can see the mirror, reflecting your own face and heart
and soul, and being,
and I hold it up to you. 

Mirror of my soul;

what cracks yours, breaks mine too.

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