Thursday, 2 August 2018

Whoever Put The Stars Up


Whoever put the stars up, was surely thinking,
of this,
of nights in endless purgatory,
of moments forever missed, surely of times,
with a need
to look
in eyes, across a vast and impossible space;
of longing to simply hold a hand
with all this gentle grace, passed on,
in cherished touch that lets the bad things out…
the aching and the fear,

whoever put the stars up, let them be in no doubt both
far and near, they
are there
to share
when no word nor image is enough,
bodies of celestial treasure,
bound and tied with love, and bounced, from
heart to heart,
gaze to wanting gaze,
the only thing that
carries the gifts, that have no
other way
of getting there or here…from me
to you,

look up, look up and know,
how I wish on them too. 

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