Thursday, 2 August 2018

Sheet Space


This silent space at the edge of life,
somewhere between, the sleep & twilight, when all
of existence is questioned and slight,
that is where the exquisite dwells; wrapped and bound
with every cell, breathed into being by
the rushing in shells, collected
from a distant
shore… Now, more
than ever before,
a dream-scape in sand and these sheets,
entwined across the hips of sleek, and salted,
summer skin,
the sound of heartbeat, drawing
in, and the scent of pleasures just spent;
paid like pennies for candy floss,
sweet, and soft and tickled across, tender
and sun-caressed curves, moving just as
graceful as
the fluttering,
early birds, so fresh,
and glistening,
like morning dew;
a long embrace denies, the sunrise-golden hue of the horizon,  
the halo cast aloft…
No matter, in night
and devilish things,
we are still too lost.

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