Friday, 7 September 2012

Rain Dancing


Shall I take you rain dancing tonight?
Silence loud voices,
so you hear
only mine, stop and be still, so I can tell you
about time, and its passing
in a hazy rush?
Like the tiny, feeble gusts of wind,
that blew the stars away?

See, I learned something many days
ago, through fingers of the summer’s love:
after one
storm is done, comes another
to take its place,
more so if you look
for them and chase all the black clouds
‘til they’ve no place to run…

better then to seek graceful sun,
in every person, and every sweet day;
for time is too short,
for thunder to pass,
without you just dance
in the rain…

…and with arms for shelter,
we’ll laugh so hard,
we won’t hear it anyway.

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