Monday, 3 September 2012


More experimenting with the 'castles & flames' theme... 

Seek me out in the early light,
press your sleeping softness closer
to mine; Medusa in the cave,
two roving vines, we entwine as though
we were one;

filtered day and fire-bright sun, soak
the castle’s protecting blinds, and no thoughts come
to fill tired minds,
only the gentle,
twilight time, and the whisper
of untroubled breath;

hearts beat calm with tenderness, souls
lie still in immortal congress,
at the very edge of their pretty star-dreams;
and far under the enveloping sheets,
we inhale the last moments
of inertia with greed, where we idly lay,

before the shattering of tranquillity dawns,  
with the madding rush
of day.

...Good Morning... :) 

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