Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Moon Embrace


I wanted only
to hold you tonight,
to wrap my arms around you,
and just
spend time, to lean your gentle
forehead on mine,
and just to get lost
in your eyes.
It didn’t matter
what was honest or lies, if we had
worn an accidentally,
deceitful disguise, before the dark moths
masqueraded as fireflies;
it was all gone now,
and left a channel for thought,

…and suddenly we knew only 
that time
was too short for games,
and for more stupid things;
it became about castles
and the fairies’ wings, that we had borrowed,
and used now, to soar,
the liquid gold, that we learned
how to pour, for one another,
over the pebbles of yesterday,

and all at once it was only about staying
and wishing shooting stars
into open hearts;

touching, we were no longer,
two lunar parts,
but whole, like a harvest moon,

creating the most perfect,
shining sphere;
your arms around me,
my arms around you.


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