Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pegasus Sunrise


I was wide awake this morning; came
to see a sunrise in your shining eyes,
and you and I hacked a trail together,
forgot all worldly pretence
or disguise;
with nothing to hear but the sound
of you; your even breath in the early dew,
we watched the summer come,
and visit for another day;
and I let you choose the way,
at the crossroads, so long
as we could go with haste;
see, I wanted to beat that dawning
haze, to the top,
and watch true splendour,
from the edge
of the valley; I wanted to feel your breath
on my neck and marry
all my thoughts
to this ancient kiss of the breeze,

before any
of the angel-leaves
begin to turn or are tempted to fall.
I wanted us to have it all, just one more time,
to wind my fingers
in your hair and stare out
before the aching sunrise
begins to hide again
in the forever-fog; I wanted
just another
chance to watch,
and feel heat in the rays,
to leave us a memory of our
summer days and all I have seen
with you…
and I listened then
to only your hooves
as I drove you, gently, home;
soon, what of our mornings, Pegasus,
when this late summer is gone?

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