Monday, 17 September 2012

Stop the World

Stop the world,
lie down and be still,
let me break wide open
that iron will
that would keep us
so cold and afraid, let me watch
the moon rising
over where you lay,
close your eyes and search
in silence
for lips, and I will stroke
your spine
with my finger tips,
counting the notches
and the beauty divine,
driving the pleasure
as it ebbs and
climbs to crescendo,
like the music of
time, crashing like symbols
and swaddling
like vines entwining and holding
old wood, let all heaven
and the angels come,
until I am blind
and deaf
and dumb,
and we each can shatter,
in rapture,
like glass,
committing all guise
and pretence
to the past
as we trust
we can fall apart;
all things need
the safety of arms;
turn out the lights
and let’s watch the sparks…
stop the world,
we only
see stars when it’s dark.

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