Friday, 29 January 2010

The Circle of Friends Award...

Now, I'm soft as butter in a lot of ways, so (despite the fact that it's a bit silly!) I was totally honoured when I had this award somewhat ceremoniously bestowed upon me last Tuesday! I was all the more honoured because, the one who so bestowed it, Carrie Clevenger, would be the first person I'd conjure in my own mind to give it right back to! 

Carrie and I have never met outside of Twitterville, but I know enough... She's a fabulous poet to whom the world speaks as it does to me, and that's a lovely kindred to have found. If you've only ever read her #fridayflash, please make time for her poetry too. It's more than worth it.

I'd also like to bestow this award upon my fellow members of the Leeds Writers' Group, some of whom are known in Twitterville as Chance4321mazzz_in_Leeds , petherin, MoxieMouth and HeatherLloyd83. Without these brilliant writers, who are also wonderful people, I wouldn't write half as much, or half as well...and I probably wouldn't write prose at all! Thank you guys, for all your prodding, and pulling apart and praising of my work...and for letting me do the same thing to yours! And, of course, for your friendship. 

Last, but not least, I hand this award to David G Shrock (Draco Torre) for his consistently constructive criticism and some fabulously stimulating discussion of my poetry, and to Michelle D Evans and Marisa Birns, who visit my poetry as often as they visit my fiction and always leave the most beautifully encouraging comments!

So, though I'm not a fan of these chain things as a rule, I guess here is where I say, collect your award and pay it forward! This one's different. :)


  1. Thanks Amy - I've only been along to Leeds Writers twice so far but am
    really enjoying it, you all provide great inspiration, support and brilliant conversation! Have been enjoying reading both your poetry and prose online -some brilliant pieces in a wide range of genres, you have a talent to be proud of!

  2. Butbutbut...d'oh. I don't deserve it twice to be sure, but I do appreciate your gentle kindness. Your poetry speaks to me in so many ways.



  3. Am thrilled to have this award! Thank you so much for honoring me with it. You are so very kind.

    So happy to join the others in this circle!

  4. Congratulations on the award! I love reading your work :)
    Thank you thank you thank you for passing it on to me xx

  5. Congrats on your award and a great group that you've passed it onto!