Monday, 18 January 2010

Love Poetry...are there limits?

The human condition fascinates me...the depth of our capacity to feel fascinates me, and my writing is often inspired by that interest. But a recent penchant to explore this avenue of inspiration with frankness and sincerity, has raised a question for me - Are there things that should be shrouded in poetry? Are there certain constructs for imagery that should be skirted around or left unfinished so they are only hinted at, rather than becoming clear to the reader? Is honesty always the best policy? See what you think of the following it beautiful?...or vulgar...? I can't dictate what my muse will have me I'll leave it to you to decide!

Angel Eyes

You ask me to touch you,
and I cannot refuse,
you beseech me to kiss you
and know your mind,
and I cannot
for love of life
hear another line
of any song
but yours -
you, my darling,
open doors,
to worlds I was ignorant of before,
worlds hidden beyond the scars
which you ask me to worship
like heaven’s blue stars…

and worship I do
on my knees
with my tongue
with all enthusiasm done and due
to one
as mesmerising as you.
Then you ask me to eat you,
whole and alive,
and I want it so badly I taste your sighs,
and guttural groans when you look my way,
and I beg you, stay, stay forever,
at my fevered side,
for I want to know what sustains you,
and see what lies
beyond your aching
angel eyes.


  1. Achingly beautiful, drip-drip like honey, like stars. Yum.

  2. There's beauty not vulgarity in this piece.

  3. That's my opinion too, but I really wanted to see what effect this sort of work would have on an audience. :) How many agree with us, I wonder, & how many think this frankness doesn't belong in poetry?

  4. ...not seeing a reason to care here. This is superb.

  5. This is exactly as it should be. Powerful and moving. Don't second guess yourself.

  6. It's not so much second guessing, just interest in the effects of my work... One of my favourite things about poetry is that everyone takes something different from it. So is their interpretation always in the same vein as mine? Are some shocked when I intended to move? & does it matter? My own instincts and your comments seem to suggest the answer is 'no', it absolutely doesn't matter! Thanks! :)