Friday, 8 January 2010

News Flash! #Fridayflash Inspires Poetry Blog Post!

There follows a poem I've been meaning to post here for a while, but had previously felt might be a little twisted and...erm...'raw', for some tastes! However, after reading a recent #Fridayflash story by FutureNostalgic, entitled 'A Rude Awakening' -

- I found myself reminded of said poem. It occurred to me that the two pieces, although entirely different in tone and meaning, share themes and imagery, and thus, I thought now might be the time to dig it out and get away with posting it! So...the hell with the consequences! I hope you enjoy it! :)


"At some point,
you'll have to stop me,"
you said
before you sank your teeth in.
"You'll have to rein me back
if you don't
to give me

I felt you bite then.
I felt you drink.
I felt
your poison
beneath my skin.
And I had never
felt anything like that
nor witnessed such a
exacted any
better way.

"Bite," I groaned,
my voice a breathless
gasp, "again", a clear
addict after just one taste,
and thereafter none
but your demon's blood
cursed my blessed veins.
"Call my name," I begged, a sound
like shattered glass
and we fast rolled, like animals,
into the dust
to lie there, both uf us clawing
and bleeding
and turning the earth red
with lust.

By way of a 'thank you' to Sam (FutureNostalgic) for the inspiration to post 'Bitten', I also post the following piece, which was directly inspired by the main character's experience in 'A Rude Awakening' -


He bore me
in a filthy alley -
my king, my saviour,
my sire;
he took my life upon
his own
moment of desire -
He bit, he drank,
his blackened heart stank
of the vile
vitriol of his existence -
and in that instant,
I became
(as he was) -
a deadened thing,
dirty and unclean,
without a scene or a
he took me on
pound for pound
and cursed my gentle, human soul until
I lay
lifeless and still and destined only,
to rise again
in the lonely moonlight of old. 


  1. WOW. It's You are truly a gifted poet. Truly.

  2. Thank you so much. It's lovely to hear that people enjoy my writing. Perhaps there's hope of publishing a collection yet?! :)

  3. Vampire lust - I love these poems. You and Sam have returned vampires to where they belong - in the dark, lusting for blood. Great stuff. Peace, Linda

  4. Oh goodie, Vampires and lust. Wonderful poems.

  5. Holy... 'Bitten' is cool. Romantic vision of vampire carrying all the emotion and visual a reader can handle. I like the perspective, and the structure is alluring.

  6. Note: 'bloodlust' (or 'vampire lust') is a metaphor for passion, s3x, violent er0ticism--a romantic vision popularized by Bram Stoker appearing often in modern literature. Before Stoker, Pilodori began the romantic movement in Vampyre.
    -David G Shrock

  7. "Bitten" is also discussed by David G Shrock with regard to his self-set poetry challenge - you can read his blog-post, "Poetry is Ordinary, Prose is Sublime", and readers' responses to it, here: