Monday, 11 January 2010

So...'The Muse' is currently obsessed with fairytales...

Sorry! I can't seem to shake this theme at the moment! I must get my nose back in the Complete Works of Shakespeare and leave the fairytale analysis alone... But before I do, here's one for the road!


There is nothing more forgiving,
more entwined with daily living and dying
and the frantic crying out we do
to those from whom,
ever so repeatedly,
we find ourselves apart.

There is nothing colder,
out there alone
than the jaded wisdom,
of other broken hearts…

My mother said I’d find this
I’d meet someone like you.
But I’ve met, not one, but many fools,
over again,
each the same,
and I know how this ends,
I know the way you twist and bend
all that’s good and safe
til nothing is the same as once
it was. I have met many a frog

and I know this: princes don’t exist.
They’re frightened knights,
every one
sent into battle far too young,
and clueless,
and the world is ruthless, for no one tells them,
all they really have to fight for
is us.

Okay...I promise to go read Shakepeare now... ;-)


  1. I see nothing wrong with your obsession. A very active, rhythmic poem. You write kinda like I really enjoy, you know.

  2. :-) No need to apologise for staying on a theme that captures your imagination. I really like your poem - found it via Sam @FutureNostalgic on Twitter.

  3. Loved this: "princes don't exist. They're frightened knights,"

    Wonderful obsession to have, wonderful poem to read.

  4. I'm liking your obsession :)

  5. Wow. Agree with Marisa; very nice, strong line. And great ending. Very moving.