Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Couple More Love Poems to Match the Latest Theme...


Tell Me Now

Tell me now,
while we're this close,
where I can feel
your heart,
see your eyes.
Tell me now,
that you feel...

Beneath my palm,
this pounding
to differ...

...you're shaking...
and it isn't anger,
isn't sadness now,
it's me.
I can feel your heat,
your eyes aching into mine
and the time
when you were leaving
has long passed.

So go on,
tell me now,
while we're this close;
pull me nearer to you
and whisper
that it's over.

The Final Ecstasy

If I should die
Think only this of me
T'was not the death that killed me
But the love.
T'was not the extinguishing of a spark
But the burning of a flame
That halted the heavy beating of my heart.
And write not my name
On the headstone, but yours,
For I remember none of who or what I was before;
Before I became a piece of you
And you a part of me
If I should die now, I take you with me:
One entity; one writhing body;
In the throes of a final ecstasy.

1 comment:

  1. I like the second. Powerful. The headstone writing in particular stands out with me since it's beyond ordinary and seals the oneness.
    -David G Shrock