Friday, 31 August 2012

Lullaby in Arms

Close your eyes, and put your arms
around me, I don’t need you to see;
just feel…stop this
ever-spinning wheel
we call life, and walk your mind away,
lie down
in my embrace, and stay,
and let me still you a while, let me kiss
your beautiful smile
until you forget
how the days
can be; and before I rock you
into sleep;
let me show you what the nights are for,
let me break
down all your doors and run my fingers
through your
open soul
and every wanting in you,
this is the moment we can call
pure truth, all other, a violent charade;
in the darkness, crawl,
from the dragon’s cave and leave the amour
of your wars
on the floor;
there is only passion
and grace here,
in the moments
before the acid dawn; peace,
and love-soaked sheets;
we have need of nothing more.

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