Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Rainbow


I followed a rainbow today,
and it led me to you,
to a blanket on the ground and
grass full of dew half-way up a mountain
we’d once tried to climb; you dragged me back,
and we talked about the passing of time and
what comes and goes in almost a year,
and it became so very clear to us both,
all that matters now
is this day,
and tomorrow. No more
time for you to borrow, I told you,
and I heard you agree,
and I laid flowers down for you as I talked
of all the places I had been and the things
I had noticed of late.
A hole opened up in the ground,
beside me,
where you,
and others
lay, and you bade me now,
put in yesterday, and any foolish guilt or shame,
and I did, and left the flowers
on top. I gathered my now, and with
a skip and a hop, I jumped back on the rainbow,
and went on my way;
not back
to any place, I had been before,
like lost and simple childhood
or moments of grace that had brought me this far,
but forward into smiling tomorrows,
carrying with me only the stars I cannot help
but follow, or the ones who profess they see,
something of promise that glows here and climb on the
rainbow, to follow me. 

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