Friday, 10 August 2012

Adventures in Time

A belated birthday present to a wonderful friend. 
Let's make an adventure;
the way we used to,
when time was nothing to me and you,
when we would trace our souls
with satin hands,
safe in exactly who I am,
and who you are,
and worshipped for it.
Let's go back
to that
glory, when you and I were still becoming,
thumbing through the pages of both our lives,
paths to be laid, side
by side, every day,
promising one another
we would always say the truth,
more love-drunk than sober.
Let's go back to the fields of clover we'd
lay in for long afternoons,
let's go back to the sand dunes we
talked through in evening light,
to the ecstatic simplicity of October nights and
a pint in the grass,
to a blanket by the river and to skipping
class...let's just
take a day, and make the impossible
play out,
with a bottle and the blanket again, and
be who we've been
for all these years,
and who we are going to be
No edge, no thoughts,
just time borrowed, only,
for you and me,
whilst we help each other remember,
our brand of joy
is still abundant,
and free.

To my dear Capt. N.D., here's to mindlessly blowing annual leave in the interests of being 18 again! You're amazing. Much love, as always, P.J.R. xXx 

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