Monday, 27 August 2012



Come, you, bearer of light,
touch me, and eat me,
hold me tighter and feel me…
…gorge on me…
…and taste…
kiss me and chase all these ghosts away,
devour me and delve, pour your bad things in,
expel and fill up
this little
sin bin. Roll me in roses
and let the thorns tear, let the saints
and the angels stare,
like fire,
and the glowing stars,
the bricks of this castle
leave holy scars, whenever
we crash them down, and you and I
crawl on the ground in something
the others
call shame and dirt;
to us it is simply a courteous confession
of hard nights and tougher lessons
learned in gospel days,
and we scratch and beat, and caress
them away, however we please…or need…
and barely able to see or breathe past tongues,
and breath and pleasure and greed, we fall
to our unrepentant knees and pray one another, 
lay your hands, and your eyes,
on me, and have nothing to say:
let it rain, my demon,
lay down, 
be damned,
and stay:
we have sacred hearts…now sell me your soul…
what else would we do today?

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