Wednesday, 29 August 2012



Drop to your knees, let me hold you like glass,
with grace, you and I, can worship and gasp
down throats,
all the ways we would honour one another,
stroke me like silk and we will guard and cover
all these tender plans we have made,
dip in hot liquids with burnt tongues and taste,
all the things tomorrow can hold,
lie down in sugar, and syrup, and
roll until nothing but sweetness prevails;
tell no lies and tell no tales, keep no secrets to set in
and rot, make yourself more
than naked,
give me now all you have got, lest I really
know who you are,
point to each graze and every beautiful
scar and I will show you what splendour is there,
tear lumps
from the insides of me,
just tease…and wildly explore,
tell me all things you have ever thought,
or dreamed of, open all your doors,
let me make you blind and come in,
and you and I can touch every sin until
we shatter
like splintered ice;
we exist
only for nights, where we scratch,
and scream, and wholly bless,
sacred touch, and ties, and
tender caress beneath moonshine
and the anguish of restrained wolves,
knowing we can bring the world down around us,
if we only let go; 
tell all;
be free,
and indulge. 

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