Thursday, 30 August 2012


Still playing with 'castles and flames' for Leeds Savage Club writers' task:

Shall we build us a castle, to hide within,
and set lions at the gates? To chase all
the monsters away? Shall we lay down
a moat of deepest flames
to keep vampires
and werewolves at bay?
Shall we build our castle of no
bricks or stones,
but of arms and tender looks and
call it ‘home’,
shall we give it a roof
of dreams and wishes,
and build our bedroom of
a thousand kisses and caresses that
still us, and soothe? Shall we give it
windows of transparent truth, and a hearth
so it keeps a warm soul?
Shall we build its kitchen of secrets told,
over dinner,
of the way you smile, and of another
minute (that will make me late)
just spent it your eyes? Shall we
dig a hole in the garden for lies, and
back-fill the mineshafts with foolish
pride, to set
the foundations in trust?
Then, shall we fill our castle with love,
with music and laughter and the same
healing touch
to seek,
every evening when we draw up the bridge?
Shall we build our castle with all of these things,
so it can withstand any storm?
Shall we throw off care, and paint its walls
all the colours of joy that we please? With turrets of
blue and flags of cerise, and surrounded
by a sunset hue,
it may be 
the strangest castle that ever was,
but we built it;
and you.    

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