Saturday, 4 August 2012

Advice to an Unborn Child

(I am very soon to be an auntie)

I wanted to tell you, as you enter this world,
of all the things that I have learned, perhaps to steady
your start…above all else, speak your mind,
little one,
and better yet, darling, know your heart.
Play always, an even hand,
and steadfast,
meet their eyes,
fair chance seeds will never grow
when planted
in secrets and lies. Be honest, each and every
day that you can,
and never be afraid to stand up,
and say
what you feel and believe,
don’t let embarrassment lead you
to conceal anything that is truth;
only then will shining
begin come to you. Never let something you wanted
go, because you were too proud,
or ashamed, to say so. Pride and shame are very
stupid things, they stunt and injure and rarely bring
the fruits you crave to your table,
so be brave, my angel,
whenever you are able, and remember:
 - to receive, you must first give,
build strong bridges on this,
and you will love and be loved, 
and know
how to truly live.

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